Placed in rural environment, billboards become an obstruction. They appear as if they`ve been violently extracted from an urban context and placed into a location where they disturb the landscape.
These roads go through various villages, but most of the way, the space is uninhabited and there is a view of fields, meadows and forests. Billboards are placed in that environment, which makes them a strong element in terms of visual distraction.
In moving through that environment I stoped looking at what’s unchangeable, that which coincided with memory of that space. But what I noticed are the billboards, as their content changes on a monthly basis. A flat surface of approximately 12m² overpowered thousands of square meters of landscape.
Whenever approaching to a larger town, every surface along the main road, every façade at a frequented location, even means of public transportation are plastered with ads and billboards. People who live in large urban areas, unwittingly learn to filter these imposed information over time, primarily due to the large density of information within the urban environment.
By annihilating a billboard standing with the camera sidewise, environment seems clean. Also, the lateral position of the camera determines the landscape in the picture.
Within this series I primarily tend to agitate every passer-by to search for that same spot. From it the previously dominant element in the space, becomes only a flat and narrowed pole which looses its un-intended role as a distraction.