I started my career thinking I wanted to be a lawyer, but something was always missing. And that something was creativity. Playing with my camera was first an escape and a hobby, but soon it became my career and my calling. After graduating in Cinematography and Photography at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, I founded my company - PHOTOPIA.

Why Photopia? Because Photopia describes vision in bright light, but it also combines everything that I am, a photographer in search of utopia, an artist and a craftsman.

In my art I like playing with concepts and in my professional work I like playing with my clients' ideas.

Based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Born 1982, Požega, Croatia

2017 – founded PHOTOPIA
2016 - member of The Croatian Association of Visual Artists (HDLU)
2014 - founder of the NGO KOLEKTOR - CENTER FOR VISUAL ARTS in Zagreb, currently serving as vice-president

2014 - MA in Photography, Academy Of Dramatic Art Zagreb
2011 - BA in Cinematography, Academy Of Dramatic Art Zagreb

Vizkultura (croatian)
Croatian photography (croatian)
Tuuum (english)
Požeška kronika (croatian)
Pogledaj.to (croatian)

Public discussions: 
Artists as Etnographers? Etnographic turn in Contemporary Artistic Production, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science Zagreb

Život umjetnosti, 98/2016: Metaphor of baggage:
Expanded methodological practices and the ethnographic turn in contemporary photography:
Davor Konjikušić, Neven Petrović and Bojan Mucko

TV interviews:
PRAVAC NA TREĆU: HT nagrada MSU Zagreb, 11.4.2017.

Radio interviews:
Sandić, Srđan, Jutro na trećem, HRT Radio 3, 12.06.2015 08:30

ESSL Art Award 2015.

Solo exhibitions:
2015. Destinations, Gallery Lang, Samobor
2014. Coulisse, City Museum of Požega
2014. Coulisse, Gallery SC, Zagreb
2007. Photographic practices, Gallery Ciraki, Požega
2007. Photographic practices, Culture and Information Center, Zagreb

Group exhibitions:
2017. Alumni, f8 gallery, Zagreb
2017. HT Award@msu.hr, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
2016. Annual members exhibition of the The Croatian Association of Visual Artists
2016. T-HT Award@msu.hr, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
2016. New members of ULUPUH, Zagreb
2015. Nicosia Pop-Up Festival, Nicosia, Cyprus
2015. Diversity of Voices, ESSL Museum, Klosterneuburg, Austria
2015. ESSL Art Award, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
2015. T-HT Award@msu.hr, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
2014. Slavonian Biennale, Museum of Fine Arts, Osijek
2014. Tracing and Searching, Kazamat Gallery, Osijek
2014. 17th Japan Media Arts Festival, The National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan
2013. Oh, Our Beautiful Homeland!, Art Pavilion, Zagreb
2013. NEU/NOW Festival, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2013. T-HT Award@msu.hr, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
2012. Private and Public, Drugstore, Belgrade, Serbia
2012. Exam, Gallery SC, Zagreb
2012. The Photography of Industry, Zagreb City Museum
2012. New names, ULUPUH, Zagreb
2011. Photodays, Duke`s Palace Gallery, Rab
2011. Photodays, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka
2011. Photodays, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb
2011. Photodays, Multimedia Center, Rovinj
2011. New names, ULUPUH, Zagreb
2011. Neighbourhood image, Zagreb City Museum
2010. New names, ULUPUH, Zagreb
2010. Organ vida, Gallery O.K., Rijeka
2010. Organ vida, Gallery SC, Zagreb
2009. Organ vida, K.U.N.S. Gallery, Rijeka
2009. New names, ULUPUH, Zagreb


2015. Culture Elevator (Hvarska 11 street) - Billboard 
2014. Croatian Designers Association Gallery - Made in Ilica
2014. Dan D Festival - Creative Markers